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Fullstack PHP Developer

Fullstack PHP Developer

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Working on a real product with a driven and enthusiastic team.

Does your current job no longer suit you and are you looking for a new challenge? With us, you work on a single piece of software and use your skills to make this software better every day.

What we do

In short, our software enables service providers to receive orders from various tentants (web shops). In addition to orders from tentants, service providers also use our system for their own customers. The tenants have the possibility to create portals for companies and thus offer services from themselves or their service providers. In addition, we offer various integrations to support the services; including a postal package locker, health app and shared bicycle integration. The customers we offer this software to include banks such as ING, insurance parties such as Nationale-Nederlanden, but also ASML and Microsoft use our services.

What you will do

In any case, you are not sitting still. We have a roadmap with feature requests that you can work on, think about:

  1. Our tenants have the possibility to send newsletters from our admin panel. We want to extend this feature with automations that react to certain events from the system.
  2. Now one api is offered for our customers and our software. We want to split this in the future.
  3. Improving and refactoring outdated features (don't worry about PHP5, we run the latest Laravel version on PHP8 and stay up-to-date).

How to do it

You may determine this yourself (in consultation, of course). We are looking for programmers who can work well independently at home. We consist of a small team of passionate employees who meet at the office every week to work on extensive features or to tackle more difficult issues. However, it is important that you can work well at home. The days you are at the office, a nice lunch is provided and you can play a game of table tennis or use the punching bag to keep the energy up.

What you work with

Our stack consists of Laravel8 on PHP8 running on a Kubernetes Cluster from Digital Ocean. Bitbucket we use for version control and our automated deployment pipeline for CI. The frontend is a VueJS SPA written in Typescript along with Stylus and PostCSS. If you are interested in mobile development; Flutter is being considered for native apps.

Opportunities and challenges

For the API, tests have been written that test the following things, for example, and you should take this into account during your work.

  1. Not only do we have a multi-tenant environment where each tenant manages its own clients and service providers, but our tenants also want to use service providers from each other.
  2. Services provided by our service providers are offered at specific locations and offices of our clients, but clients may also house several companies at offices that may or may not share the same services.
  3. Companies like to have specific services sponsored by the company. Of course, this differs per customer.
  4. Company X and Y share a location and the same service. Company X does this for free for its employees but Company Y charges a small fee, which is different from what our service provider normally charges for its services.
  5. Company X wants to offer certain services only to its employees from a department at location Y.
  6. Tenant would like to create a discount code for a specific location or company that is only valid once for new customers.
  7. For company X, product Y is in category Z but another company would prefer a different category name.
  8. All products are multilingual.
  9. All products are searchable.
  10. Our API returns the results paginated through a single database query within a few ms.

Role & responsibilities

What we expect from you

  1. You have at least 3 years of experience as a PHP programmer.
  2. You like to share the experience you have gained with your colleagues.
  3. You know how to apply terms such as DDD, TDD and SOLID.
  4. Your knowledge of MySQL goes beyond Eloquent.
  5. You can work well independently.

Terms of employment

What we offer you

  1. You have a lot of personal input and influence on the process and the choices that are made.
  2. A young enthusiastic team with an informal approach.
  3. A nice workplace at our office on the Amstel.
  4. Space to develop yourself.
  5. A lot of freedom and room to arrange your hours flexibly.
  6. An excellent, competitive salary with a component of bonuses, because we believe that you should benefit from good results.
  7. Challenging development opportunities.
  8. A group of nice colleagues.
  9. 25 vacation days.
  10. Travel Allowance.
  11. Company bike.
  12. A BBQ or drink in time (when the weather allows it).

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