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Challenges for your company, team or colleagues

Online challenges are a great way to keep your team, colleagues or everyone in the company involved and vital.

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Connect your team with a custom challenge 
Create an original challenge and really do something about vitality and involvement within your organisation.
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Create a custom challenge.

Make sure you are connected and organise a challenging challenge yourself.

Create your own challenge
Tailor to your own corporate identity
We help you to set up the challenge
Challenges points
Online scoreboard

Ensure commitment within your team.

Because doing something together creates solidarity

In a challenge you work on a common goal
Colleagues talk to each other about the challenges
Link a group app to the challenge and keep challenging each other
The way to keep your team engaged and vital
Your own challenges in one user-friendly dashboard. Everything is just a simple click away.
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Challenge platform
Organizing an online challenge
Scoreboard online challenges
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WeFitter is a unique health API that collects data from the most commonly used fitness apps and wearables which is then presented to the end user via the tos platform.


What are the costs of setting up a challenge?

The basic amount for starting up the challenge is €250. How much the other costs will be depends on the wishes and the setup of the challenge. Of course we make clear agreements about this during the demo and the follow-up interviews.

How soon can you set up a challenge?

We can switch quite quickly and set up the basis for the challenge within one week. After that, it depends on how specifically you want to set up the challenge and how quickly the participants can get started.

Are there any other vitality services you offer?

Within the tos service platform we offer a wide range of vitality services in addition to the challenge. For example, you can join in live with online sports classes, yoga lessons and meditation classes. We also offer coaches via the platform in the field of ergonomics, nutrition and much more.