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Platform to challengehomeworkers with online challenges

The tos community platform ensures that your organisation keeps its employees involved and in motion. Together with us, create online challenges at home to keep colleagues fit and involved. In this way, you as an organisation maintain social contact with all employees.

tos + communities
tos + communities
tos + assistant
tos + benefits
tos + communities
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Online communities

As an organization, stay in touch with homeworkers and organize online challenges.

With our renewed Challenge Platform it's easy to do different challenges at home with your team or colleagues. Think of a fitness, walking or cycling challenge or think of a unique challenge for your company together with us. Would you like to organize a great challenge as well?

  • Challenge your team or colleagues with online home challenges such as walking, yoga, running and cycling
  • Create your own unique challenge for your company or team, almost anything is possible.
  • Track your progress within our Challenge platform and the in-between ranking with your own leaderboard.
  • We manage the Challenge Platform and the software for you
  • Team challenges keep your colleagues motivated and involved.
  • There is a live chat for all your questions about the challenges

What else is possible with our platform?

Our platform offers 30+ services in one user-friendly platform.
  • Available on mobile and desktop
  • Add your own suppliers
  • Connect to your own brand identity

Connect with your own brand identity.

Fully personalize the platform to fit your brand and let it merge with your existing website and intranet.
  • Full white label
  • Add your own domain

Connect existing suppliers.

Go beyond our selected suppliers, add your own suppliers and fully integrate them into the platform.
  • Add your own suppliers
  • Add your own services

Proven results with great companies


What are the costs of the tos engagement platform?

The costs are €1 per user per month for organizations up to 1000 employees. With companies that are larger than 1000 employees we will discuss a price agreement.

What are the next steps if I request a demo?

After your demo request we will contact you to schedule the demo, this can be done in person or digitally. During the demo we will tell you more about the possibilities of the software and our services for your organization. We are of course curious about the wishes of your organization or the challenges we can possibly help you with.

Can I also integrate my existing services and suppliers into the platform?

Yes, you have full control over the services and suppliers connected to your platform. Almost all of our customers use the option to integrate their current services & suppliers into their engagement platform. This allows you to access all your services through one customer friendly environment and create a structured and efficient process for all your suppliers.

Can you combine different parts of the platform and/or assemble them yourself?

Yes, you can decide which parts you want to add to your platform based on the wishes of your organization and employees. The four components are: vitality, communities, virtual assistant and benefits.

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