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Contribute to a safe working environment, during and after COVID-19.

Together with our customers and partners, we have developed a 'six feet proof' concept, which contributes to a safe working environment.

Support employees at home. That's how you do it.

Everyone has to have lunch, but how do you guard the 1.5 meters?

Through your application, employees can easily order food and drinks, which can be collected safely from the caterer.

Every day it's a coming and going of deliverymen, what about those parcels?

Your employees can simply order online, we ensure that all parcels are delivered daily via a single deliverer in a smart locker wall.  

Everyone has to do an errand sometimes, but you'd rather not send them to a busy shop.

Create a shop within your application so that employees can always easily order a number of basic products without having to go to the store.

Soon employees will start travelling again, but I prefer to prevent them from having to use busy public transport.

Set up a shared bike system, we'll make it easy for employees to book a bike through your application.

Support employees at home. That's how you do it.

We will help you put together a relevant home services package and create a white-label service portal to offer all services efficiently and easily to your employees.
How do I reach employees at home and how can I organize this?

We will help you put together a relevant home services package and create a white-label service portal to offer all services efficiently and easily to your employees.

  • Select the services you want to offer to your employees.
  • Make use of your existing suppliers and contracts or choose a supplier from the tos network.
  • Determine what employees pay themselves and what you want to pay for them (via credit or discount vouchers). We take care of the administration, and control your budget.
  • Maintain insight into the use of the services and the appreciation of your employees at all times through the Engagement Dashboard.
How can I keep my employees fit and vital?

In addition to your normal vitality programme, create a digital alternative so that employees can continue to work on their vitality at home.

  • Offer digital sports classes (yoga, bootcamp, meditation etc.) through your Service Portal.
  • LIVE streaming & viewing of lessons and other events and content.
  • Automatically send employees a periodic questionnaire with which she and you (macro figures) keep track of their mental & physical condition.
  • Digital consultations with the physiotherapist and vitality coach.
How do I ensure that employees also have an ergonomic workplace at home?

Let employees order the ergonomic items they need at home via your Service Portal.

  • You can choose the supplier and the products they are allowed to deliver to your employees.
  • You can grant employees a budget or a discount on certain items and let them pay the rest themselves.
  • Tos takes care of the payments and administration for you.
  • In addition, these costs fall outside the WKR scheme.
  • Insight into current orders and order history.
How do I ensure that our people remain involved in their team and our organisation?

Regularly arrange fun (digital) social events and set up challenges that promote interaction.

  • Use your Service Portal to promote social events and let employees sign up easily.
  • Integrate challenges that promote interaction and combine this with great prices for other services within your Service Portal.
How do I offer a good level of service for employees who work from home?

Create a shop in your Service Portal in which your employees can order both fun and practical products.

  • Want to offer something fun for your employees at home (e.g. something for a digital event or the holiday period)? Let employees order it through your Service Portal. The linked supplier receives the order immediately, you don't have to do anything yourself anymore.
  • Make practical things for working from home, such as office supplies, easily orderable and available through your Service Portal.
  • Let employees choose a gift through your Service Portal.
How do I support employees in their personal needs at home?

Use your Service Portal to make a number of wellbeing services also available to employees at home. You can decide for yourself what you want to reimburse and what the employee has to pay.

  • Offer a massage service at home so that employees can relax at home.
  • Offer a laundry, dry cleaning and shoe repair service to relieve employees.
  • Offer a home hairdressing service for employees who prefer not to go to the hairdressing salon.
  • Offer bicycle repair & car wash service for employees who need to travel again.
How do I prevent my employees from using busy public transport?

Promote alternatives to public transport by offering shared bikes and cars through your Service Portal.

  • Prevent your employees from having to come to the office in an overcrowded train or tram by offering shared bikes and cars.
  • Reduce contact moments through the keyless system and make a reservation through your Service Portal.
How can I use my current facilities partner and caterer at home?

Make the services of your facility partners also available at home via your Service Portal.

  • Have your employees order lunch or dinner (for a fee) from your caterer.
  • Give your employees (for a fee) the option to have the cleaning or other chores done at home by your facility partner.

fit and vital keep it.

You want to keep your staff fit and vital, but you want to reduce your visits to busy gyms and group classes.

In addition to your normal vitality programme, create a digital alternative so that busy contact moments are reduced.

The care needs of employees will not change, but how will they remain available in the new 1.5-metre society?

Employees can use your application to follow a digital consultation with, for example, the physiotherapist or the nutrition and exercise coach.

Personal needs also remain unchanged, how can I support my employees in this?

Set up a number of convenience services in a smart way so that extra contact moments are avoided.

My employees will spend less time at the office, how do I keep track of their vitality and well-being?

Offer through your application a digital EnergyCheck and HealthCheck to keep track of the wellbeing of your employees and support them.

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