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Whether you are director of a boutique hotel, location manager of a cozy restaurant or catering manager at a company with alure, you will agree with me on one thing: "Having a good laundry / dry cleaning is crucial to a good working environment for the hospitality industry."

What makes (us)
a good laundry?


A good laundry understands that clothing / linen with a stain is unusable.

We keep items in our laundry until they are clean. Unrepairable textiles we hold back and report to the customer.

A good laundry is flexible.

You want to receive the textile in a way that is most practical and logical for you. Delivery days and times, folded or hanging, separated per item/colour; everything is possible.

A good laundry deals sustainably with textiles and the environment.

Fortunately, textiles and the environment go hand in hand. Both benefit from low temperatures and few chemicals. However, this means that machines have to run a little longer and textiles sometimes have to be pre-treated or post-treated.

A good laundry is affordable.

We like to talk about the level of service rather than the price, but we understand the importance of keeping costs affordable. Because we have automated a large part of the processes and have efficient logistics, we are often able to provide a competitive quote.

Production locations

We have two production sites, a large scale laundry in Epe and a dry cleaner in Amsterdam. From the dry cleaners we also serve the smaller laundry customers because this is more efficient and therefore cheaper. Both locations are run by a family who have been in the business for many decades. They understand that service and quality are crucial for a good customer relationship.

Lease construction

If you don't own your own linen we can also offer a lease construction where we buy and manage the linen. So you do not have to worry about the care of the textile. Because of our purchasing advantages and a longer contract duration, this is usually not more expensive than just leasing the laundry with us.

Company clothing

The first impression of a customer or guest is largely formed by the clothing worn by the staff at the reception or in the service department. In addition, it is pleasant for the employees that their clothing is always clean and well maintained.

The best brands at home with one touch of a button (or a phone call)

Company clothing sounds simple, but it can be a challenge with different sizes/wishes or temporary employees. The easy to use customer portal allows you to order additional clothing at the push of a button.

How do we work?

Step 1


First of all we agree together on which brands and items will be part of your clothing line. We can send you samples of all items so that you can make a well-considered choice.
Step 2


We send a sample of all items. This allows all employees to determine their size and make any desired changes via the online portal that we provide.
Step 3


We can deliver all clothing within one week. If adjustments such as embroidery, logo printing, shortening, slimming etc. are required, the delivery time is 2 weeks. If desired, we can come along with our tailor to ensure that the clothing fits everyone perfectly.
Step 4

Add to

You keep the passerie so that new employees can quickly get an outfit, ideally directly from the passerie, then we replenish the passerie.


We have more than 200 clothing brands in our assortment, but we work a lot with the following brands, given the good experiences: Frederick George, Nina Labro, Greiff, J. Harvest & Frost, Cadenza, Alexandra and Chaud Devant.

Delivery & care

We can offer by far the best prices on the basis of a long-term cooperation in which we also take care of the clothing (washing / steaming). We will then pick up the clothes and bring them to you on location.

Company bicycles

Company bicycles is one of the most appreciated facility services at the office. Company bikes are ideal for people who come to the office by public transport or car and want to take the bike to an appointment or to go shopping.

We take care of everything, you get the credits.

We offer a full service for company bikes. Within a lease construction, we provide not only the bikes but also an app that allows you to reserve and use the bikes, arrange insurance, maintenance and help employees immediately should there be any problems. Both the facility manager and support staff are not burdened at all by this. We even ensure that the bicycles are returned if they are not returned on time.


Depending on the number of bikes the costs start from € 30,- per bike per month, so this is an all-in price (incl. corporate branding). If there are already bikes available, it is also possible to convert them into 'smart bikes' and that we take them under management.

Parcel Service

The flow of parcels in the office has more than quadrupled over the past 10 years. Not only has there been a growth in business inbound mail, but the number of private parcels has also increased enormously. It appears that 76% of the employees like to receive private parcels at the office.

A safe wall for all package
flows within the office environment.

We offer a full-service vault wall, which can be used for many purposes.

Receiving and sending business parcels

Receiving and sending private parcels.

Issue and intake of goods, such as laptops.

Handling internal mail flow.


The costs depend on the specific wishes and the number of lockers, but start at € 450,- per month.
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